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This is Hub18

Our concept

Hub18 is a non-profit organisation with a concept that is plain and simple. As a member of Hub18, you will have access to all rooms and facilities in our house and are free to fill them with activities of your own choice.

The social enterprises Initcia and Passion Works account for renting costs during Hub18’s start-up phase. Later on, those with funds will be asked to contribute to rental costs, while those without funds can apply for a scholarship. Initiatives for good causes will always be granted funding.

Everyone is welcome

Both associations and individuals may use Hub18’s space and facilities. It could be theatre groups, gaming clubs, musical groups and individuals, fine artists, etc. Locals, immigrants, children with their parents, friendship and disability associations,
individuals or groups running projects for a shorter period of time are all welcome. Hub18 wants to give more people the chance to develop activities and pursue their passions.

Planned spaces

Hub18’s house has two floors and a basement with a total space of 400 square metres, which are currently undergoing a renovation. In spring of 2019, the first rooms will be ready and available for use.

Ground floor

  • The “grand room” is largely an unfurnished space designed to be flexible and easily adapted to many different functions. It has a high ceiling and a projector and a large screen. It’s suitable for large gatherings, events, small theatre and musical rehearsals and performances.
  • The ground floor has a spacious and fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge, and a meeting room.

First floor

  • Upstairs has several rooms suitable for meetings, a few office spaces, and spaces for simple cooking, dining, and resting.


  • The basement will be a makerspace, which is partly-equipped with tools and equipment for welding, soldering, woodworking, and bicycle repair and maintenance.
  • Adjacent to the makerspace is a steampunk-themed café.

A vision of social innovations

Our vision is that Hub18 will be a place for social innovations where new ideas and services that address different societal challenges can be developed. Such challenges could relate to the environment or the growing problems of isolation, for example, how we can abate loneliness or develop meaningful activities so that more people will not feel excluded from society.

A meeting place for everyone

It is our hope that Hub18 will be well-used and that many different people, associations, clubs, interest groups, projects and activities, will find their way to us and flourish. A democratic society needs meeting places that are open to everyone. If you have any questions or would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us!

Erik Hoving, founder of Hub18 and enthusiast
Phone: 070 – 751 17 16

Tobias Lundgren, coordinator of HUB18
Phone: 076 – 611 92 73